Lead It Like


Marnie Stockman, Ed.D

Nick Coniglio

We wrote this book with the belief that leadership is life, and that we can all level up if we learn to lead it like Lasso. 

What does it mean to

Lead It Like Lasso?

It means to create/nurture an environment to help you, your team, your committee, your company, etc. to not just grow, but to evolve and flourish to become the best version they (and you) can be.


"Leadership isn't a title. It's a way of life."

"Seriously, is a hot dog a sandwich?"

"Roy's tough love is rooted in a genuine desire to see his teammates reach their full potential."

"A vision is a beacon that leads individuals or organizations toward a higher aspiration."

Find out what readers are saying about Lead It Like Lasso.

“An insightful look at leadership using principles demonstrated by characters in the Ted Lasso show. In Ted-like style, they keep things simple and practical while inserting humor and lots of fun just like each episode!”

Arlin Sorensen

VP Ecosystem Evangelism Connectwise


“A fun-to-read, easy-to-action book that is rich in principles. If you want one book on leadership, start here!”

Scott Levy

CEO ResultMaps


“A relatable read, especially for Ted Lasso fans, with tangible steps to becoming a better version of yourself and building more functional teams.”

Emily Glass



“The dynamic duo, Marnie and Nick, scores big-time with a wealth of practical wisdom, just like our favorite coach, Ted Lasso. They’ve taken the heartwarming lessons from the TV series and crafted them into an MVP of a book on leadership and teamwork!”

Sunny Kaila

Author, Talentpreneurship


“Much like Ted Lasso’s unwavering optimism and genuine empathy, Lead It Like Lasso is a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to lead with heart and drive meaningful changes. It reminds us that success in business is not just about strategy and metrics but also about fostering a culture of kindness, resilience, and unwavering belief in the potential of you and your team.”

Kyle Spooner