About the Authors

Marnie Stockman, Ed.D

Marnie Stockman, Ed.D., started her career in leadership with the toughest customers/employees of all… high school math students. Her passion for education and using data and humor to help others grow and succeed took her from the classroom to Sr. Director of Customer Success of a leading Ed Tech company, and now to Co-Founder and former CEO of Lifecycle Insights—a vCIO/Customer Success platform for MSPs.

After her successful exit from Lifecycle Insights, Marnie is working on a new project as well as advising software startups in the IT and EdTech space.

Marnie can talk to a wall, but she would rather talk to a crowd. You can often see her at IT industry events. She has podcasted with many. She participates on an advisory council for CompTIA. She enjoys wrangling other leaders and SaaS founders to engage in fun and educational content to help grow businesses. She hosts the monthly Bits and Books open book club for MSP Media Network to drive conversations around leadership and business.

Her parents raised her with their own set of rules. Two of the most frequently heard ones were

  • Dad: don’t be sorry, be right
  • Mom: kill ‘em with kindness

When she isn’t walking and writing books, she can be found playing pickleball or working on projects with her husband and two 20-something kids in Greensboro, MD.

Nick Coniglio

Nick Coniglio is a seasoned technology veteran with over three decades of experience in the ever-evolving world of IT. Born with an insatiable passion for problem-solving and a gift for unraveling the mysteries behind technology’s hiccups, Nick embarked on his tech odyssey in the early 1990s as a mainframe programmer.

Over the course of his career, Nick has donned numerous hats, transitioning seamlessly from programmer to team lead/manager and from corporate executive to tech startup entrepreneur. His expertise spans a diverse spectrum of technologies and experiences, yet his greatest successes have always been rooted in his ability to bridge the gap between business and technology stakeholders. Nick’s last two decades were marked by his leadership in four different companies, each of which experienced remarkable growth and successful exits, thanks in no small part to his contributions.

Nick’s most recent venture was co-founding Lifecycle Insights, which transformed from a mere idea into a triumphant exit in a mere three years. Following this exciting chapter, Nick is currently engaged in various projects, where he eagerly shares his wealth of experiences to lead and nurture successful teams. The “Lead It Like Lasso” project aligns perfectly with his objectives.

When he’s not immersed in the world of technology, Nick’s problem-solving mindset carries over into his personal life. He’s continually puzzled by two persistent mysteries: why his golf game hasn’t improved despite playing for four decades, and the unwavering devotion and passion he holds for the New York Jets.

Nick and his wife, Susan, call Suwanee, Georgia, their home. When they’re not busy, you’ll often find them indulging in binge-watching sessions of shows like Ted Lasso—a shared endeavor to avoid micromanaging their nineteen-year-old son, Connor, who is currently a sophomore at the University of Georgia.


To Ted Lasso fans everywhere.

We thank you for loving the show like we did. We hope you can agree that if we all lead our lives more like Lasso, the world will be a better place.

To our Diamond Dogs who are our biggest fans and harshest critics,

we thank you for making us better. Keep at it! We are always aiming to level up!

To Demi Stevens,

our amazing editor, who makes for a great accountabilibuddy and is an enthusiastic supporter. She is also an impressive force to be reckoned with.

To Jessica Hagy,

our illustrator, who has a great sense of humor, unique perspective on life, and a most entertaining way of making graphs fun.

“I hope either all of us, or none of us, are judged by the actions of our weakest moments. But rather, by the strength we show when, and if, we’re ever given a second chance.”

With that in mind, any errors in the book are ours and ours alone.