“You know my name.” Nathan Shelley, the shy kitman from Ted Lasso in Season 1, says in awe when Ted calls him by name. We watch as he goes through stages of confusion and disbelief to shock to gratitude to pride. That is the power of a name.

Nate shows us what many of us know but often forget. Names are important. They help to identify us. They help us to show up. They help us to be seen and heard.

They are important in board rooms, locker rooms, classrooms, Zoom rooms and living rooms.

Here are 3 Powers of Names

  1. They create a personal connection and build trust
  2. They demonstrate respect and dignity
  3. They motivate and empower

There might have been “an entire internet of things” Ted didn’t know about football. But Ted very much knew the power of names.

• He had to call Nate by his name multiple times until Nate believed that Ted really meant to address him.

• He not only knew the name of his driver from the airport (Ollie), but he also followed up with his interaction by going to Ollie’s family’s restaurant.

• Ted’s approach of addressing players by their names during crucial moments helped build trust and camaraderie within the team.

• He called Zoreaux – Van Damme, Zoro, or Zoreaux as the player requested.

• Ted motivates players like Jamie Tartt by acknowledging their potential and addressing them by their names, contributing to their personal growth and development.

Personal Connection and Builds Trust

Ted (the beacon of positivity this world needs) demonstrated the power of acknowledging and remembering names. A leader’s ability to remember and use names builds trust. Ted Lasso’s genuine interest in people, reflected in his commitment to knowing their names, establishes trust and creates a supportive environment where individuals feel heard and valued.

Respect and Dignity

Names are more than just identifiers; they carry the weight of identity and individuality. Ted Lasso emphasizes the importance of respecting others by addressing them by their chosen names and treating everyone with dignity, regardless of their role or position.

Motivation and Empowerment:

Ted also understands the motivational impact of using names. By addressing individuals personally, he empowers them and boosts their confidence. This approach fosters a positive and collaborative team spirit.

In the world of Ted Lasso, names matter—they shape relationships, build trust, and contribute to a positive and inclusive environment. As leaders in both personal and professional spheres, embracing the power of names can lead to stronger connections, empowered teams, and ultimately, success. So, let’s take a cue from Ted Lasso and recognize the significance of names in making a difference, one personal interaction at a time.

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